About Us

Our Product: 

Vectorworks is a full featured product development firm serving all aspects of the composites industry since 1991. In conjunction with Vectorworks Engineering, Vectorworks provides design development from a back of the napkin sketch all the way through to detail designs and build books. Our CNC Machining capabilities, and advanced infusion processes, integrate seamlessly with the engineering and allow for fast, extremely accurate plug, mold, and Limited Production Tooling fabrication.  While specializing in Marine Composites, Vectorworks successfully avoids the impact of the usual ups and downs of single industry production on our Team Members families through diversification into other markets including Heavy Industry, Military, Aerospace, Infrastructure, and more.

Our Team: 

Vectorworks is proud to have structured our business such that we are able to provide stable, long-term opportunities for motivated, experienced, and hard-working individuals in our community.  In response to our efforts, our Team Members have rewarded us with their continued support of Vectorworks through their great attitudes, hard work, and their length of service.  The bulk of Vectorworks Team Members are long term employees who contribute their considerable expertise toward the development of new Team Members and to providing a superior product to our valued customers.  At Vectorworks, we achieve our goals together.

Our Environment: 

Vectorworks strives to achieve a high performance work environment through the active involvement of all Team Members.  To develop and maintain this environment we work to promote open and candid communications, friendly and productive work relationships, opportunities for personal development, and fair treatment for everyone.  It is our policy to treat all our Team Members in a fair and impartial manner.  Our work environment is based on mutual respect and dignity because it is our belief that it is the right thing to do and the right way to treat people.  Vectorworks also offers competitive pay and a mix of benefit packages to suit the needs of our Team Member families. 

Our Ownership and Management: 

Individually owned and operated for over 20 years, all decisions regarding Vectorworks vision, operations, growth and expansion, affecting our company and the lives of our Team Members and their families are made locally by our actively participating owner and our experienced management team.